We Try Cases

We are litigators and trial attorneys. We litigate. We try cases in state and federal court and in arbitration. We fight tooth and nail for our clients’ rights, and we do it well.

Big Law Firm Experience

All of our attorneys were trained at large (1,000+ attorneys), international law firms, where we cut our teeth representing global, Fortune 100 companies — including brand name banks, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions — on a daily basis. We spent long hours, sometimes six and seven days a week, working closely with sophisticated and demanding in-house counsel on complex, multi-million dollar, bet-the-company cases. We have the training, skills, and experience to win for you.

Boutique Law Firm Attention

We are not are not a litigation “mill.” We only take on cases that we believe in and clients we think we can help — and then we throw ourselves into our cases 100%. As a result, we typically handle only a small number of cases at any one time. Because we are selective, we are able to provide our clients with highly personalized, concierge-level service. No case is more important than yours, and no client has more priority.

We Know How the Big Firms Think

The multi-national corporations of the world do not have a monopoly on top quality legal representation. We were trained by — and spent the first half our legal careers working for — “Big Law” law firms, where we spent every waking moment aggressively representing large, blue chip financial institutions and companies. We know how “Big Law” attorneys think. We know the claims and defenses they are likely to assert, and we know how to respond to them. We know the kinds of documents and witnesses they would do anything not to disclose, and we know how to get them. And we understand how they evaluate their cases, which gives us a leg up in any negotiations with them. Let us use the hard-fought skills and insight we developed at our “Big Law” law firms to level the playing field and win for you.

We Have the Resources to Win

We have an extensive network of expert witnesses, forensic accountants, forensic computer analysts, jury consultants, former regulators, retired judges, trustees, receivers, and other professionals that we work closely with to provide our clients every possible advantage.

Why Hire an Investment Fraud Attorney?

Generalists have their place to be sure, but sometimes the problems you face require the skills and training of a professional with deep knowledge and extensive experience in a particular field. If you had a heart attack, you would want to hire a cardiologist, not a dermatologist or a general practitioner. The same is true of the law.

Investment disputes can often implicate a complex range of federal and state securities laws, as well as a panoply of regulatory rules imposed by an alphabet soup of regulators. To further complicate matters, the relevant securities laws and regulatory rules — and how they are interpreted and applied — can differ widely from state to state.

In addition, most investment disputes are governed by an arbitration provision mandating arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (“FINRA”), a private corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization for the securities industry. The rules and procedures governing FINRA arbitrations can be very different from the standard court rules and procedures that most lawyers are familiar with.

To ensure that your rights are fully protected, it is essential that the attorney you hire fully understands the intricacies and nuances of the laws, rules, and procedures that might affect your claims and defenses. Our attorneys have extensive, hands-on experience litigating securities claims throughout the U.S., and we are intimately familiar with the laws and rules that govern investment disputes.