Jacobson Law P.A. represents firms in disputes with investors and customers. We are actively familiar with the laws and rules that govern investment disputes — and how those laws and rules are applied — and we have extensive, hands-on experience defending advisors in such disputes throughout Florida and the U.S.

If your firm or one of your employees has been accused of

  • being involved in a Ponzi schemes,
  • charging excessive commissions or mark-ups or mark-downs,
  • excessively recommending leverage or margin,
  • excessively trading, churning, or twisting,
  • making unauthorized trades,
  • making unsuitable investment recommendations,
  • misrepresenting or omitting to disclose the features and risks of an investment,
  • misrepresenting, omitting, or over-stating your firm’s or your employees’ skills or experience,
  • over-concentrating your firm’s customers’ accounts in a particular security, asset class, or sector,
  • selling away,

or if your firm or employees have been accused of any other wrongdoing by an investor or customer, contact Jacobson Law P.A. to discuss the specific facts of your case.