Jacobson Law P.A. is a boutique litigation law firm based in South Florida. We are dedicated to representing innocent investors and honest advisors in investment disputes throughout Florida, nationwide, and globally. We also represent individuals, trusts, estates, companies, and other entities in general commercial litigation matters.

All of our attorneys were trained at large (1,000+ attorneys), international law firms, where we cut our teeth representing global, Fortune 100 companies — including brand name banks, brokerage firms, and other financial institutions — on a daily basis. We spent long hours, sometimes six and seven days a week, working closely with sophisticated in-house counsel on complex, multi-million dollar cases. We regularly faced off against aggressive opposing counsel, demanding regulators, and exacting judges and arbitrators. The workload could be grueling, but we loved every minute of it. And truthfully, there is no better training for an attorney.

Over time, however, we began to see that there was a need in the legal marketplace for top-tier, trial-tested legal counsel who could represent individuals and businesses at the other end of the legal spectrum. Too often, it seemed, we would hear stories of some faceless, corporate goliath prevailing at trial only because it could afford to hire a team of attorneys from a “Big Law” law firm. We knew that things didn’t have to be that way and that even the smallest company and even a single individual could get the justice it (or he or she) deserves with the right legal representation; and it was also clear to us that this seeming inequity was in fact an opportunity.

The law should not be a cudgel available only to the biggest bullies with the deepest pockets who just want to use it to bludgeon their opponents into submission. That’s why we founded Jacobson Law P.A. We want to use the extensive knowledge and skills we developed at our “Big Law” law firms in the service of our multi-national corporate clients to level the playing field. It’s time the little guy had access to the same top-quality, elite legal representation that the big firms regularly have on retainer.

The law is important, and the facts do matter. We believe this in our hearts. But we also know that you need knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced legal counsel to make sure that the law and the facts to do not get lost in the legal process. That is where Jacobson Law P.A. comes in.

Litigation can be complicated
we know the ropes and can make it simple