Employment disputes between financial firms and financial advisors can involve a range of issues that are unique to the securities industry. Jacobson Law P.A. understands those issues, and we will work with your firm to develop a negotiation and/or litigation strategy to achieve the results you want.

If one or more of your firm’s employees

  • is refusing to repay a signing bonus, promissory note, or forgivable loan,
  • alleges that your firm has not paid bonuses or commissions owed to him or her,
  • alleges that you firm failed to honor promises it made when it hired him or her,
  • alleges that your firm discriminated against him or her,
  • alleges that your firm sexually harassed him or her or created a hostile work environment,
  • alleges that your firm failed to maintain safe work conditions,
  • alleges that your firm pressured him or her to violate industry rules or regulations,
  • alleges that your firm libeled, slandered, or defamed him or her,
  • alleges that your firm is attempting to make him or her the scapegoat for a firm or product failure,
  • is refusing to honor a non-solicitation or non-competition agreement or any other restrictive covenant, or
  • alleges that your firm wrongfully terminated him or her,

or if you have any other dispute with a current or former employer, contact Jacobson Law P.A. to discuss the specific facts of your case.