Jacobson Law P.A. is a boutique litigation law firm based in South Florida. We are dedicated to representing innocent investors and honest advisors in investment disputes throughout Florida, nationwide, and globally. We also represent individuals, trusts, estates, companies, and other entities in general commercial litigation matters.

Our attorneys come from some of the largest, most well respected, white shoe law firms in the world. We have successfully represented national and international companies in multi-million dollar — and even billion dollar — disputes; and the cases and issues we worked on were often covered by the national and international press. It was a privilege to have sophisticated clients who understood that just being right was not always enough and who were willing to allow us to spend long days digging into the facts of their cases and long nights researching the law to ensure they had every advantage. The work was demanding, the stakes were high, and we loved it.

Over the years, however, as we racked up victory after victory for our clients, we began to wonder whether there might not be more to the practice of law than just representing deep-pocketed corporate goliaths. We had become lawyers because we wanted to make a positive difference in the world. We believed that the law could be a powerful tool, and we wanted to use our knowledge of the law to help those who have been unfairly wronged get the justice they deserved — and to make sure that those who sought to take advantage of others paid a price for their misconduct. Notwithstanding our successes, we began to feel that our skills, knowledge, and experience could be put to better use representing individuals and smaller companies who are equally deserving of the protections of the law but who might not have the financial resources of a multi-national conglomerate. And so we made the decision to leave our comfortable “Big Law” law firms, and we formed Jacobson Law P.A.

Our mission is to turn the tables on the big guys and to level the playing field in favor of the little guy. We aim to do that by using the hard-earned skills, knowledge, experience, and work ethic we gained at our “Big Law” law firms successfully representing some of the largest companies in the world to provide top-quality, elite legal representation to the regular Joe.

Unlike some firms, we are not are not a litigation “mill.” Nor are we interested in pursuing a volume business. We only take on cases that we believe in and clients we think we can help, and then we throw ourselves into our cases 100%. As a result, we typically handle only a small number of cases at any one time. Because we are selective, we are able to provide our clients with highly personalized, concierge-level service on every case — no matter how big or how small.

We will travel to you as necessary to meet with you, discuss strategy, and answer any questions you might have. We will take as much as time as necessary to learn the unique facts of your case and to make sure we fully understand your specific goals and objectives. We will walk you through the laws governing your claims and the facts weighing in your favor (and against you). We will explain to you what is happening — and what is going to happen next — each step of the way. We will always be available to answer any questions you might have, however many questions you might have, whenever you might have them.

No case is more important than yours, and no client has more priority.